01 January 2014

What You've Been Waiting For

For a long time - almost five years - I didn't do things, with people. There were many reasons for this, and not all of them were my idea, but that is a post for another day. Lately, I have begun doing some of the things again, with the people.  Its... odd. And a challenge. And pretty good. I think.

When I find myself in the company of like minded people, people who are into the same sorts of things I am, I get excited. Well, at least most of me does. But there is a little part that gets a little angry. Like, hey, this was my thing. I don't want to share it with you. You won't love it the way I do. It is what makes me feel unique and now you are taking it away.

I think this is where hipsters come from.

It's like with Doctor Who. I love Doctor Who, and while I can't say I have been a fan for decades, it became a very large part of my life when everyone around me had never heard of it. I liked Doctor Who before it was cool. (Ugh. I can't believe I said those words.) And now? Its a thing! A popular thing, even. And I like being a part of that. Except when I don't. Except when it feels a little less special because it can't be just mine anymore.

Things like Doctor Who are what nurtured me when I was pushed out of (or left) the company of other people. And so it is fitting that these things should help me reconnect and bond.  For so long I hoped I could be around people who speak in the same cultural dialect I do, and now that I just might be around said people, part of me wants to wrap my arms around my precious and scamper back to my cave. Its not a very big part, but it is there.

It is easy to read a post, or watch a video about something I love, and have it stoke the fires. Even though these posts or articles are created by real live people, its easy to believe its all just for me.  Sharing what is important to me with other people is important, unfamiliar and potentially terrifying.  And we are only talking about Doctor Who, and Cthulhu. What about real things? Things that matter?

What am I talking about? Nothing matters more than Cthulhu.


Hmm. Well. Okay. I guess that's how we are going to start things out.  Happy 2014. I'm assuming we'll see more of things like this.

I'm sorry.

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